Coalition will lead the country's politics: Leader Sitaula


Baniyani, Nov 28: Nepali Congress (NC)'s leader Krishna Prasad Sitaula asserted that the Democratic-Leftist Coalition will lead the future political leadership in the country. 

Extending gratitude to the voters at Barahdashi in Jhapa on Monday, leader Sitaula assured that the coalition government would be formed for the next five years and that government will give an impetus to the country's politics. 

He urged the voters not to be worried about the recently held election's result.

The former minister said, "The future of Nepal and Nepalis is safe in federalism based on pluralism, republic system and secularism." 

He warned that the fate of the Nepal and Nepalis would entangle in autocracy if we are to go against the federalism based on pluralism, republic system and secularism. 

He appealed to all the party leaders and cadres to create an enabling environment for development works and expand the party organization in coming days.(RSS)

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