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By Mannu Shahi, Sushant KC is one of the most celebrated figures in the contemporary Nepali music industry. Debuting in the scene with his massive hit “Aama” in 2016, the singer has over two dozen singles released within the span of half a decade from his official YouTube channel engrossing a gigantic following of 1.07 million subscribers.

KC is pursuing online post-graduation in songwriting and production from Berklee College of Music, Boston, after relocating to Nepal as he completed his bachelor’s degree in business from Australia. 

Initiating his career just as a hobby, the gradual appreciation and love that devoured his way boosted the singer’s confidence and helped him acknowledge his talent as a songwriter. The constant support depicted by his family, friends, and followers further solidified his love for music and the singer now is planning on exploring various musical realms inside out.

In a feature article published by Berklee College of Music on Sushant KC and his dynamic career turnout in the Nepali music scene, the singer revealed how he sustained his living expenses in Australia with only the money he earned off his digital music sales and streams. 

The songster stated, “I didn’t have to work a single day when I was in Sydney studying business because I had my royalties coming from YouTube and other streaming platforms, but people won’t believe it, which is what I 

want to change.”

Considering his reach to such a wide demographic, it is a quite plausible statement as online music distribution has shown genuine support to independent artistes as opposed to orthodox music fraternity revenues. In addition to this, Sushant KC might be amidst a handful of Nepali musical content creators to garner such an enormous number of supporters.

And as a treat for his fans on his 26th birthday, KC released the official lyric video for the new single ‘Gajalu’ on February 2, and, just a day after its release, the song is already #7 on trending for music as per Nepal-moderated YouTube broadcast. Written, composed, and performed by Sushant KC, the track is produced by Saswot Shrestha at Omniphonics Studio; visuals by Stellar Studios; and artwork by Ayush 

Dhoj Bista. 

A love ballad stimulating Ed Sheeran vibes for its vocal harmonies, timbre, and melodic inclination, the tune starts off with some conventional acoustic guitar plucking and a melodious vocal intro. Rhymes are prominent throughout the song, and shine the brightest in catchphrases deliberately inserted to allure more audience from the very first listen. 

The bridge section of the song brings a different aesthetic to the otherwise flow, and the softer vocals 

with staccato embedded released towards the end of each line ooze this pristine sense the singer tries to deliver. Even the visualizer’s work from this point onwards transitions into a more interesting and 

pleasing setting.    

The short violin build-up right before the coda seamlessly ornaments the tune, and the song concludes with the repeating post-chorus vocalise. Thus, the song is definitely worth a check out from the vault of Sushant KC’s discography.   

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