White Lotus Poetry symposium held


BY A STAFF REPORTER,Lalitpur, Feb. 6: Amar Aakash is a new face in Nepali poetry. But his poetry is diabolically magnificent. When he recited a poem 'Massiah Puppy' from his newly published poetry book 'Tungana', other famous poets were stunned. The poem dealt with the tale how a puppy's love saved a ruined man from committing suicide. 

Aakash was featured as a new face at White Lotus Poetry symposium organised by White Lotus Bookshop, Lalitpur on Saturday. 'Aakash is, of course, a new one but he has emerged a promising poet,' senior poet and owner of White Lotus Bookshop Yuyutsu RD Sharma commented.

Ram Gopal Ashutosh, Radhika Kalpit, Bishwa Sigdel, Ishwar Thokar and Kamal Raj KC were featured as the special poets at the programme while other poets including Rami Priya, Kamal Sangharsha, M.P. Pandey also recited their poems.

The symposium is organised fortnightly by White Lotus Bookshop at Kopundole.  'Our purpose is to recognise new face as well as honour established ones among poetry lovers,' said Sharma.

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