Khotang village lies empty as water scarcity forces to flee


A house of Purano Gaun of Halesi Tuwachung Municipality - 11, Khotang. Photo: Raj Kumar Bhattarai/TRN

By Raj Kumar Bhattarai, Kotang, Mar. 27: Due to a problem with drinking water a village in Khotang district became empty.

Purano Gaun of Halesi Tuwachung Municipality - 11, Rajapani of the district remained empty due to the water scarcity.

As the water scarcity peaks, only four houses remained in the village out of a total of 55 households. 

After people migrated from the village most of all houses have been amazed and the remaining houses were also about to damage. 

Though the village has linked with the Sagarmatha Highway, villagers have been forced to leave the village due to a lack of drinking water.

A local Nawaraj Regmi said that he has been living in the village due to some compulsion. 

Regmi is a Principal of the Mahankala Basic School and he lives in the home alone. 

He said that family members have already migrated to other places and he is yet to leave the village due to some compulsion.

Another villager Harka Raj Karki informed that he has been staying in the village for goat keeping. 

"Most of all migrated, only a few houses in the village and that is just because of the compulsion. We are constructing houses in Regmitar, but living here so far for the goat keeping." He said. 

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