Province govt is on journey towards good governance, prosperity: CM Karki


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Biratnagar, May 29: Chief Minister of Koshi Province Hikmat Kumar Karki has said the provincial government is moving ahead on a good governance and prosperity journey.

Addressing the 16th Republic Day Celebration Programme organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Law, Koshi Province, today, he reiterated that the province government is carrying out works so that the general public can feel it.

He said nobody can turn back the clock and there is no alternative to republic, referring to the establishment of the republic in the country. 

Chief Minister Karki stressed that the movement and protest programmes that some forces and individuals are waging following the naming of the province should be totally peaceful as the republican order set up in the country has already brought all the castes and communities in the mainstream of the state. 

Calling on the protesting groups to shun violence and come for talks with the government, the Chief Minister said, "Nobody should disturb the peace, and law and order in the country. Problems should be resolved through dialogue and understanding. Nobody should infringe on others' rights while seeking own rights." 

CM Karki opined that the republican constitution itself has guaranteed employment and social security. He stressed on boosting the economy.

Chief Minister Karki paid tributes to the martyrs of the struggles waged for securing the federal republic and democracy in the country, wishing for the quick recovery of health to those injured and incapacitated in course of these struggles.

Chief Secretary of Koshi Province Dr Deepak Kafle mentioned that democracy and the republican system has established good governance and people's rights.

Three journalists contributing to the promotion of democracy were awarded with the Democratic Journalism Award on the occasion. They are Mohan Prasad Bhandari, Shyam Krishna Rai and Nara Bahadur Limbu. The award carries Rs 100 thousand each.(RSS)

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