Lawmakers demand clarification on employment of former employee at Finance Ministry


Kathmandu, June 6: Lawmakers, airing their views in a session of the House of Representatives today, demanded clarification from the Finance Ministry regarding the former non-gazetted third class officer at the Ministry, Ram Krishna Shrestha, given continuity of his service till date. 

Shrestha was appointed by the past government and he is still employed by the Ministry despite his leaving the Ministry, they argued. 

Nepali Congress lawmaker Ramhari Karki asked why was the former employee appointed in the budget formulation previously till now.

Dr Amaresh Kumar Singh sought clarification from the government on this matter while Prem Suwal of Nepal Workers and Peasants Party said the issue of employment of an 'unauthorised' employee is found in budget formulation each year, but it is put under the carpet in collusion by the 'major parties'.

The Finance Minister is responding the issues raised by lawmakers. (RSS)

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