• Wednesday, 27 September 2023

Murrah buffalo bull to improve quality of buffalo breed


Gandaki, June 7: Murrah buffalo bull which is said to be taken from India is believed to have help improve the quality of buffalo breed.

Chief Livestock Development Officer of National Livestock Breeding Office, Pokhara Dr Jagadish Pandeya believed that buffalo bull to be supplied from India may increase the milk production between 4000 to 4200 liters in each lactation for 306 days.

National campaign to increase milk production through artificial insemination to improved quality of breed was launched since 2012.  Since then buffalo semen is being supplied to different part of the country from Pokhara, Lahan, Nepalgunj for artificial insemination.

According to Pandeya, it has been collecting semain to improve buffalo and goat breed. 

He informed that 6 lakhs dose semen supplied to different districts last year from Pokhara. In the previous year, three lakh dose semen from Lahan Office and 50 thousand dose semen from Nepalgunj office had been distributed.

He informed that Pokhara office earns around Rs 39.6 million revenue each year. There is estimation of earning approximately of Rs 50 million from the semen of cow, buffalo, goat sold in previous year. 

Pandey informed that after improving buffalo breed the milk production from a buffalo increased to 2700 to 2800 liters milk from 700/800 in each lactation.

Agricultural economists Sushil Khadka informed that project aims for self-reliance in livestock by promotion and preservation of quality breed of livestock.

Khadka said that murrah buffalo bull from India will be important for increase the production.

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