Candidates not submitting election spending details to be fined


Kathmandu, July 25 : A total of 2,435 candidates who have not yet submitted details of spending in the provincial election in November 2022 will be slapped a fine by the Election Commission of Nepal.     

The Commission, in accordance with the Section 31 (4) of the Election (Offence and Punishment) Act-2016, will slap Rs 15,000 each to the candidate who contested under the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly election.     

Issuing a notice on Tuesday, the Commission asked those candidates who were finned to pay with fine within 35 days and submit the receipt along with an application to the office of the Commission or related election offices.     

Furthermore, those fined have been asked to submit details of the expenditures within seven days. The candidates or the political party failing to pay the fine within the specified timeline would be barred from contesting in the immediate election.     

The Election law requires electoral candidates to furnish the details within 30 days of the announcement of the election results. (RSS)

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