Youths in Rukum West engage in preserving banyan, Pipal trees


By Our Correspondent,Rukum West, Sept.11: Youths of Lamichhane Gaun in Chaurjahari Municipality-1 have launched a campaign to preserve banyan and Pipal trees by building Chautaris (resting places under the shade of the trees).

The trees planted in the past for pedestrians to rest in the shadows when they get tired are disappearing at an alarming rate, and the youth have started building chautaris around them so that locals do not cut them down. 

Local youths have volunteered to build a Chautari at Lamichhane Gaun. 

Tilak Century, the local resident said, “We are building Chautaris as an attempt to conserve communal resting places like pati, pauwa and chautaRi and trees”. He said the youths would further work to conserve temples and public places.

Youths have made a chautari around the old banyan and sacred fig trees of Lamichhane Gaun. 

Century informed the Chautari that could be used for public gatherings, meetings and discussions is made attractive by plastering it. They collected the needed raw materials and labourers by coordinating with the local bodies.

Bhakta Bahadur Bhat, a local, informed that the youths have cleaned the premises of Radha Krishna temple as well. The villagers are extremely happy with the efforts made by the youth to preserve the trees of banyan and Pipal, the resting places built around the trees and temples. 

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