Decent and peaceful approach earns repute


Kathmandu, Sept 19 : House of Representatives member elected from Saptari constituency no 3, Dinesh Kumar Yadav, views once the lawmakers regularly attend HoR meeting, the issue of quorum would not surface.    
Although the country held general election two times after the promulgation of new constitution, parliamentary practice is still poor in Nepal in Yadav's observation. "Lawmakers must attend the meetings of parliament and parliamentary committees on time and discuss issues of public concern and debate on bills. But, all do not seem engrossed on it," he commented, urging all lawmakers to be aware of pressing issues and participate in discussion actively.    
Yadav who entered politics by joining Nepal Students' Union since 2036BS continued his political career and progress- worked in various capacities as district president of Union and party, and a central member of the party since 2037 to 2052BS.    
During a dialogue with RSS, lawmaker Yadav viewed the HoR members need to be aware of the rights and responsibilities. According to him, proper study on the bills is necessary for right analyses and debate.    
Similarly, he is of the view that decency and peaceful manners count much to avoid impulse and frustration in the parliament. Nepal could learn from the international practices of parliament to strengthen the new system.    
Impulsive and aggressive thoughts have sometime gone beyond parliamentary norm and decorum, he reminds.    
He also admitted that cooperation and coexistence lacked much among the three tiers of government although the country adopted federalism. "Although it was challenging to reach Singha Durbar to villages in the beginning, it finally reached. However, coordination among three layers of government is not up to the mark. It is a threat to federalism indeed."    
Recalling people's support to the political parties for such sweeping change in the country, he underscored the need of ensuring employments to youths, and irrigation and fertilizers to the farmers.    
The brain drain must be ended, he said, and observed that country had however witnessed comparative progress. "Although exodus of youths earns foreign remittance, creation of jobs within home is the sustainable salutation," he underscored.    
Lawmaker Yadav also described the plight of farmers in Tarai/Madhes which is called a granary of the country. Farmers' problems must be addressed on time.    
In his observation, people are disappointed over the protracted formulation of laws to implement constitution. The ruling parties and opposition haggling unnecessarily and obstructing parliament time and again has made people despair, he asserted.    
Moreover, uncertainty over the conduct of parliament has hindered lawmakers to reach the doorsteps of voters, while there is not adequate time to debate the bills. RSS        


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