Herd of elephants unleashes terror


By Bishnu Prasad Pokharel,Damak, Sept. 21A herd of over a dozen elephants unleashed panic in Kamal Rural Municipality in Jhapa on Tuesday night. The elephants are reported to have caused significant damage to both property and crops in the area.

“The elephants made their way to Shimle in Ward No. 5 of the rural municipality, where they not only completely destroyed the kitchen of local resident Ash Bahadur Limbu but also consumed all of his food," Hukum Singh Rai, the chairperson of the rural municipality reported.

Rai further mentioned that the elephants had caused extensive damage to paddy crops and other vegetable items in the fields belonging to local Buddhi Sara Rai and Bir Bahadur Chemjong.

In response, the community people have initiated nighttime patrols to mitigate further elephant-related damage.

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