Call for action against those assaulting health workers


Mahendranagar, Sept 21 : The health workers of Sripur Primary Health Center in Belauri, Kanchanpur have demanded action against those involved in physically assaulting them as they were involved in the treatment of patients.    

In the incident that took place on Tuesday midnight, Ram Bahadur Khadka of Belauri, Gokulpur manhandled assistant health worker Narendra Prasad Gaire, working at the same health center. He was treating upon a patient Baburam Chaudhary, when a group led by Khadka pounced on Gaire.     

In response, the health workers working at the health center issued a press statement on Wednesday and demanded action against the guilty. They have also warned that all services except emergency services will be suspended from Thursday unless the incident is investigated and the culprits arrested and punished.    

Similarly, Nepal CMA Association Kanchanpur has demanded action against the persons involved in assaulting the staff working at Sripur Primary Health Center.  (RSS)     


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