Information Technology is only sector with competitive edge in the world: Minister Sharma



Kathmandu, Sept 22: Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, has said the attention of all stakeholders should be focused on the development of information technology as communications and information technology is the competitive sector in the world.     

At a social dialogue 'Strengthening of communications sector for sustainable employment and economic growth in Nepal' organised by the Union of ICTS Professionals Nepal here today, Minister Sharma laid emphasis that the government and private sector should move ahead together for the development of the IT sector.

Stating that the government would carry out activities in policy, law and infrastructure sectors for the development of the communications and information technology sector, she stressed that the private sector should increase investment.     

The government budget for the current fiscal year has already been announced to run national production and employment at all local levels incorporating the information technology sector with the slogan 'Basis of Self-Reliant Economy: Production and Employment in the country', mentioned Minister Sharma.     

Sharing that the federal government has focused its attention on law, infrastructure and human resources production to increase production and promote employment based on information technology, the Communications Minister added that the ministry has been encouraging the provinces and local levels for the same.     

She further said enterprises based on information technology could be operated from anywhere in the country if an IT knowledge park could be established by expanding high-speed internet access across the country as connectivity is the first condition of infrastructure.     

"We have been using more imported IT products so far. Now a time has come to pay attention towards increasing IT-based products in the country", Minister Sharma expressed.     

Mentioning that the Federal Civil Service Bill has been forwarded making a separate 'IT' group in the civil service in order to attract capable human resources in government services, she said a plan regarding structures like IT Staff College is being prepared for their capacity development. (RSS)

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