Sanjhya Sahitya revived


By A Staff Reporter,Bhaktapur, Sept. 26Sanjhya Sahitya has resumed its poetry campaigning. It is mentioned that the motive of the group is to promote budding poets and honour the established ones.

“We generally presented three poets of three generations every month. Doing that we followed the rule of inclusiveness. Now we are going to change the format,” Ram Gopal Ashutosh, one of the campaigners of the group, said. Based in Bhaktapur, this is a group of some promising poets including Ram Gopal Ashutosh, Harihar Timalsina, Mahesh Paudyal, Nabin Prakash Shrestha that had begun the campaign since November 2014. Activities of the group were postponed for some years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The group organised a poetry symposium at De Beans and Beatz Cafe in Thimi. At the programme, Harihar Timilsina recited a powerful poem in which he threw a satire at the poor education system of the country. Umesh Rai Akinchan recited a poem on social anomalies by questioning the age of the Sun. Rami Priya stressed the salvation of human beings in her poem titled Prem Ko Chhitiz. Mahesh Karki Chhitiz brought mythological text to the present context. Other poets including Kanchan GR, Krishna Mohan Shrestha, Om Krishna Shrestha, Shova Sarav, Anita Maharjan, Abinash Bhattarai, Bikram Pawan, Himal Chandra, Bishnu Kala Rai, Ishwore Thokar, Tej Krishna Shrestha, Samana Pahad, Jitendra Rasik also raised the burning issues of the country in their poems.

“Sanjhya will run in its full swing, now on,” Nabin Prakash Shrestha, who is also a prominent poet in Nepal Bhasa, announced. According to him, there will be a Sanjhya series at De Beans and Beatz Cafe in Thimi  on the second Saturday of every month. 'Meanwhile, we will organise some special poetry events as well,' he said.

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