Valley's traffic to be affected during Indra Jatra celebrations


Kathmandu, Sept 26 : The Kathmandu Valley traffic is to be affected during the celebrations of the Indra Jatra festival. The festival dedicated to the deity of rain and good harvest formally commenced from Bhaktapur today and it will be subsequently observed in other parts of the Kathmandu Valley and in Kavrepalanchowk and Dolakha districts as well. 

The Kathmandu metropolis has said that vehicular movement will be prohibited along the Basantapur, Maru, Jaisidewal, Lagan, Brhamatol, Hyumat, Kohiti and Bhimsenthan areas on September 26, the day for the major celebrations of the Indra Jatra.    

Likewise, traffic will be restricted in Basantapur, Pyaphal, Yatkha, Naradevi, Tengal, Nhokha, Nhekatala, Asan, Machhindra Bahal, Indrachowk, Makhan and Hanuman Dhoka area on September 27. 

On October 2, vehicular movement will be prevented in Basantapur, Pyaphal, Yatkha, Naradevi, Kilagh, Bhedasing, Indrachowk and Makhan.    
The local government has urged one and all for cooperation in managing traffic during the festival period.    

The major celebration of the eight-day festival falls on the Bhadra Shukla Chaturdashi, the fourth day of the waxing moon in the month of Bhadra as per the lunar calendar. September 28 is the main day of the festival this year. (RSS)       


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