Vice-President Yadav launches biography titled 'Deuta Banaune Manche'


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Kathmandu, Sept 26: Vice-President Ram Sahay Prasad Yadav unveiled a biography of sculptor Kalu Kumale (Kumha) titled 'Deuta Banaune Manche' in Lalitpur today.     

On the occasion, VP Yadav expressed his confidence that the readers could learn from the ups and down, struggles and successes of sculptor Kumale from the newly launched book.     

The 91-year-old retired artist is known for his craftsmanship especially making sculptors of furious deities. His crafts adorn various museums, stupas and monasteries at home and abroad.     

At the programme organized by the Institute for Socio Culture Research and Analysis, the Vice-President asserted, "Any culture is all about value and understanding. Kumale's creative works that enrich the folk cultures rather than cosmopolitan cultures is commendable."     

Expressing pride and joy over the unique and immortal creations of Kumale, VP Yadav proudly mentioned that the idols and sculptures created by Kumale were being worshipped in many temples, stupas and monasteries at present.     

He said that the marvelous creations by Kumale were a matter of pride for the country as well.     

The Vice-President emphasized preservation and promotion of incredible unique creations of Kumale who, according to him, had significantly contributed in establishing distinct and different indigenous cultures, ideals and traditions through his creations.     

Similarly, Lalitpur Metropolitan City (LMC) Mayor, Chiribabu Maharjan, shared that the LMC had adopted and implemented the policy to honour the distinct personalities who contribute to the society and country during their lifetime rather than posthumously.     

Likewise, Naradmani Hartamchhali, Chancellor of Nepal Academy of Fine Arts, lauded Kumale for earning a distinct name and niche for himself by linking his profession with arts and crafts.     

On the occasion, litterateur Kumari Lama critiqued the newly unveiled book. Nawaraj Lama, Chairperson of the Institute, shared that Kumale's biography was published to hounour his contributions and considering that his life story could be a source of inspiration for the new generation.     

Kumale's son, Rakesh Awale, shed light on the life and times of his nonagenarian father. (RSS)

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