Toilets should be accessible for all citizens: Deputy Speaker Rana


Kathmandu, Nov 17: Deputy Speaker Indira Rana has underscored that all citizens have access to toilets.     

Addressing a programme marking World Toilet Day 2023 in Lalitpur today, she said public awareness should be generated among all citizens on the significance of health and sanitation.     

Stating that self-discipline is required for the proper use of the toilet, the Deputy Speaker emphasized more on raising awareness on this topic rather than confining it to laws. 

Chairman of Smart WASH Solutions, Er Ramdeep Sah, on the occasion, shared the data that 3 billion people throughout the world did not have access to toilets and 1,000 children died daily due to using unhygienic toilets.     

He said that a survey conducted in Nepal found that only three out of 50 toilets in the country were usable. Sah stressed that all three tiers of the government should be committed to the promotion and improvement of public toilets.     

Former Government Minister Ganesh Shah said the toilets at hospitals and schools and at public places were the most unsanitary in Nepal. He stressed collective efforts from all sectors to improve water and sanitary health conditions in the country.     

Country Representative of WaterAid Nepal, Tripti Rai said there has been a gradual improvement in public toilets in Nepal, pointing out the need to formulate effective policy on the use of toilets. She stressed the need to construct gender-friendly toilets.     

The World Toilet Day is celebrated throughout the world from November 13 to 19 every year. The theme of the World Toilet Day 2023 is – "Accelerating Change" and the Sub-theme is – "Management of Public Toilets". (RSS)

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