COP-28: Mountain agenda get spotlight


UAE (Dubai), Dec 4 : The 28th Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP-28) had kicked off in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) on November 30. The conference to be concluded on December 12 shed light on mountain issues in its beginning of the conference.    

Citing reference of Nepal, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in the inaugural session of the conference said the trend of melting glacier is on the rise due to increase in the global temperature.    

The Secretary-General further said the effects of climate change have remained visible in mountain and are affecting the lives of the people.    
On the eve of the conference, he visited Nepal and also observed the base camps of Sagarmatha and Annapurna. Likewise, PM Dahal attaching high importance to the mountain issues hosted a high-level programme to raise the agendas on behalf of Nepal.   

The Secretary-General not only addressed the programme but also drew attention of the advanced countries of their obligation to address the adverse effects of climate change.    
Similarly, PM Dahal called for collective action to save the mountain and clarified that Nepal has been bearing the direct, unequal and harmful impacts of climate change despite almost zero contributions to global carbon emission.    

According to the Paris Agreement, the global community had agreed to contain earth temperature within 1.5 degree Celsius. However, it is estimated that the mountain area temperature will rise beyond 1.8 degree Celsius before 2050. Studies have shown that almost two third portion of the iceberg of the mountains will be melted.   

On the occasion, Minister for Forest and Environment Dr Birendra Prasad mahato said they were very excited for Nepal's issues receiving priority.    
He said Nepal's issues on climate changed were established in the conference.   

Nepal has done its preparation almost six months before the COP-28. 

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