Petroleum exploration will prosper Nepal: UML chair Oli


Karnali, Dec 4: The CPN (UML) Chairperson KP Sharma Oli said the exploration of petroleum products in Dailekh district would help achieve the long-term goal of prosperous Nepal. 

Former Prime Minister Oli, who reached Dailekh of Karnali Province as part of the 'resolution journey for the prosperity of Jhulaghat Chiwabhanjyang' launched by the UML, stressed the need for extracting petroleum products while field-inspecting petroleum-potential Sristhan Jwala area at Bhairabi Rural Municipality-1. 

Stating that there was no alternative to exploring petroleum products for prospering the country, he asked the expedition of the exploration work. 

"Dailekh is not only a district with archaeological importance, it is also a district with good potential for petroleum products. We had deployed a team for the exploration work keeping in view that it required additional search, study and research," he said. 

Following a briefing with the team of the exploration department, he said the extraction of petroleum products would play a main role in prospering the country. 

Similarly, Dinesh Kumar Napit, head of the exploration project at the Department of Mines and Geology said the Chinese exploration team had concluded that there is potential for petroleum products. "According to the report by the team, there is a possibility of petroleum products in the area spanning 3,500 and 4,000 metres. Even beyond 4,500, there is a good chance of finding petroleum products." 

The exploration work started in 2019 to carry out the feasibility of the petroleum products and gases in Dailekh. According to the agreement between Nepal and China, seismic survey, geological survey, magnetotellurics and geochemical sampling survey were carried out. 

Meanwhile, the project head Napit handed over the exploration report to UML chair Oli amid a function. Others present on the occasion were UML senior Vice Chairperson Ishwar Pokharel, and General Secretary Shankar Pokhrel. (RSS)

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