Turmeric cultivation promotion scheme introduced in Ilam


By Our Correspondent,Pashupatinagar (Ilam), Feb. 24: Rong Rural Municipality in Ilam has introduced a turmeric cultivation promotion programme. After the farmers are getting harassed by the destruction caused to other crops by wild animals, including monkeys, the rural municipality has started a turmeric cultivation promotion programme as alternative farming.

Last year, the rural municipality provided 840 kilograms of turmeric seed as subsidy to the local Eco Tea Producers Cooperative. The cooperative distributed the seed of turmeric to 45 farmers for cultivation. From 840 kg of turmeric seeds, 4,350 kilograms of seeds have been produced.

The cooperative has purchased the seeds produced by the farmers at the rate of Rs. 40 per kg. The cooperative has a plan to distribute the turmeric seeds purchased from the farmers to other farmers.

One local, Santa Kumari Lapcha who got turmeric seeds from the cooperative in subsidy last year was able to produce around 16 kilograms of turmeric from one kilogram of turmeric seeds. She said that turmeric cultivation is better because wild animals, including monkeys, used to damage other crops but they did cause no damage to the turmeric.

She said, "This is very easy for farming turmeric, we can earn a lot of money by spending a small amount of money.” The rural municipality aims to connect all six wards to the production of turmeric and establish a processing industry.

Chairman of Rong Rural Municipality Mani Kumar Syangbo said that turmeric production would lead to economic growth and job creation and make people self-dependent on turmeric. He said that the production of turmeric could be an import substitute while helping to make the rural economy strong.

The municipality will produce around 200,000 kilograms of turmeric yearly within two years and operate the processing industry as well. The municipality has distributed Kapurbot 1 variety of turmeric seeds in the villages.

The cultivation of turmeric which started by getting 200 kg of turmeric from Butwal Solar Plant in 2021 is now expanding rapidly. “We have started cultivation with the belief that we can make the country self-reliant by substituting imports with turmeric cultivation,” said Chairman Sangbo.

The rural municipality is going to increase turmeric cultivation and bring it to the market under the branding of 'Rong Besar' from next year. Earlier, the rural municipality branded ‘Gundruk’ and brought it to the market.

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