Issues of disappeared, war victims yet to be addressed


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, May 20: Even though it has been 17 years since the comprehensive peace accord was signed, various issues of the enforced disappeared and war victims are yet to be addressed.

The Society of the Families of Disappeared Fighters (SOFDF) has blamed the successive governments since 2006, the parliaments and the laws and commissions for the failure to conclude the peace process and deliver justice to the victims.

The commission made by the government itself did not get enough support from the government, the role of the federal parliament in realizing peace accord has not been found affirmative, read a concept note issued by the SOFDF which also argued that owing to the vested interest of many parties involved, the peace accord is yet to be fully implemented. 

It is stated in the constitution that all those who were involved, who lost their lives during the people’s revolution and armed revolution, made to disappear, families of disappeared, displaced, physically loss, war victims, for the progressive democratic change, will be given justice, honor along with employment opportunities, health, housing and social benefits and security, but it is yet to be realized, the concept note read, "They are just limited as points in the constitution".

The concept note was distributed at a programme on Monday which was held to mark the national memorial day of the disappeared fighters. Leaders of the political parties spoke in the programme pointing at the need to conclude the remaining tasks of the peace process and deliver justice to the victims. 

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