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By Rajani Yogi,Surkhet, June 14: Construction of two museums has commenced in Karnali Province, a region significantly impacted by a decade of armed conflict.

The provincial government has initiated the construction of war museums at Pili in Kalikot and Khara in Rukum. 

These places are well known for the major attacks that took place there during the decade-long armed conflict.  

Considering the significance of these places, the Karnali provincial government has commenced the construction of the museum.                                                                                                                                   

The Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forestry, and Environment of the province has allocated the budget to continue the construction of the war museums.

Minister for Industry, Tourism, Forest, and Environment, Durga Bahadur Rawat, announced that the former war site would be developed into a tourist centre. 

He also stated that war museums would be built at two locations in the province.

Changing identity

Kalikot, a district affected by the decade-long armed conflict, is set to have a war museum constructed to promote tourism. 

Despite its challenging geography, the museum aims to attract tourists to the area.

One of the significant battles during the armed conflict took place at Pili in Kalikot, where a war museum is now being built.

A war museum is being built at the same location. The Ministry has allocated a budget of Rs. 1.5 million for the continuation of the museum’s construction in the current fiscal year.

Anju Chaudhary, head of the planning and administration division of the ministry, informed that the construction work had reached its final stage.

According to her, the Division Forest Office, Kalikot was overseeing the construction of the museum.

The construction of the museum began in the fiscal year 2022/23. 

Kamal Bahadur Shahi, Mayor of Khandachakra Municipality, said the museum’s construction aimed to promote tourism.

According to him, a museum was being constructed in Ward 7 of the municipality, with the municipality also contributing to the construction efforts.

Pili war 

Pili in Khandachakra Municipality-7 is regarded as the site of the final and most devastating battle during the armed conflict, marked by significant human losses.

On August 7, 2005, a clash between the Maoists and the then Royal Nepali Army resulted in the tragic death of 300 lives.

During the Pili attack, 75 individuals, including 13 civilians, 62 soldiers and 28 Maoist cadres lost their lives.

A memorial has been erected in memory of those who were killed by the Maoists, yet those who were killed by the state side are not acknowledged. 

According to the provincial government, plans are underway to establish a museum by gathering used weapons and equipment, and commemorating all those who killed in the conflict, including commanders from both sides.

Khara war museum

The Karnali provincial government is set to construct the ‘Khara People’s War Museum’ in Rukum west. 

The Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Forestry, and Environment is spearheading the museum’s construction, which has already commenced in Triveni Rural Municipality-6 of Rukum west.

Despite budget allocations in the previous four fiscal years, significant progress has been made in the construction only in the current fiscal year. 

The provincial government approved a multi-year plan and initiated the construction of the museum in the current fiscal year. 

According to the Division Forest Office Rukum west, the construction of the "Khara People’s War Museum" commenced in the financial year 2023/24.

In the current fiscal year, the provincial government has allocated a budget of Rs. 10 million for the construction of the museum.

Sher Bahadur Pariyar, Head of Division Forest Office Rukum west, reported that the construction of the museum was progressing rapidly.

The contract for the construction was signed on July 30, 2023. It stipulates that the museum's construction must be completed by mid-July 2025. 

Ganesh Kumar KC, chairman of Triveni Rural Municipality of Rukum west, highlighted that the museum is being constructed to promote tourism.

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