Bashundhara Bhushal observes photograph of Jeevan Rekha


By A Staff Reporter,Kathmandu, June 17: Senior actress Bashundhara Bhushal said that in the year 2024 BS, she danced in Jansewa Hall during a children’s competition.  Bhushal recalled this while observing the historical photo exhibition being held at the Gorkhapatra Corporation on Sunday.

While observing the photo exhibition, Bhushal said that the current generation will gain valuable insights while viewing the pictures from the movie ‘Jeevan Rekha’ in which she was an actress. Bhushal emphasised that the photo exhibition provides the new generation with a good understanding of both past and present situations. 

She recounted that during the shooting of ‘Jeevan Rekha’, it was customary to hire a make-up artist from outside, but since no make-up artist was available at that time, she did the make-up for the film’s hero, Shiv Shrestha.

As a child actor, Bhushal began her acting journey with her first movie, ‘Aama’. It was a common practice to choose actors for movies first, and both Bhuwan KC and Shiv Shrestha were considered for ‘Jeevan Rekha’. 

While both had the talent to be artists, Shiv Shrestha was chosen based on his more photogenic appearance, she recalled. Bhushal also mentioned that she acted in several other films following ‘Aama’, including ‘Hijo Aaja Bholi’, ‘Manko Bandh’, ‘Paral Ko Ago’, and ‘Sindoor’.

 She played the main actress in ‘Manko Bandh’ as ‘Dandaghare Sahinli’. She was paired with the late Gopalraj Mainali in the movie ‘Sindoor’.

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