Four-lane bridge being built in Tanahun


Photo: Amar Raj Naharki/TRN

By Amar Raj Naharki, Tanahun, June 18: The four-lane bridge is being built at Tanahun. The longest bridge along the Prithivi Highway over the Madi River is being constructed.

Chief Engineer of East Section Project Shyam Kumar Yadav said that the four-lane bridge is being built for the first time in Nepal. 

The bridge over the Madi River of Tanahun along the Muglin-Pokhara road expansion is being built is in an arc design to facilitate not just commuting but to attract tourists. The bridge will see completion in three years. It connects Byas Municiplaity-4, Damauli and Chapaghat-5, Damauli. 

The site in charge of the Contractor Company said that the work is moving swiftly intending to complete it at the stipulated time. So far, 30 per cent of the work has been completed. 

Consulting Engineer Ranjit Yadav said that the work is being done around the clock. 120 workers and 150 as daily wage workers have been stationed, while, 30 work all night as well. 

The bridge worth an investment of Rs 1.21 billion has six bridge spans.  The length of the two-lane Bridge now is 370 meters, the four-lane bridge will be upgraded to 318 meters. 

The expansion of the Muglin-Pokhara road section of 81 kilometers was started in April 2023. 

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