Promise to manage Janakpur's waste limited to slogan only


Photo: Laxmi Chaudhary/TRN

By Laxmi Chaudhary, Janakpurdham, June 19: The issue of waste management, which was prioritized in the local level election, is yet to be solved even after three years of new tenure. 

The Mayor of the Janakpurdham Sub-Metropolitan City, Manoj Kumar Sah, after being elected as an independent candidate in the local election of 2022, said that he would give priority to waste management, which is a complex problem in Janakpurdham. He even claimed to make money and compost fertilizer through waste management, but those fickle promises are yet to be proven even after three years of tenure.    

Mayor had raised the point of ill waste management and made it his election agenda pointing out the lack of action on the part of past representatives in the regard but even after three years of his tenure the commitment is yet to be fructified. 

The debris in every nook and corner of the sub-metropolises is asking to be looked into. 

Mayor Sah added new vehicles for waste management and cleaning staff for waste management. But, the condition is the same. The newly appointed cleaning staff and newly bought vehicles pick up garbage in the main city area of the sub-metropolis. Many attempts such as expanding roads, making concrete corners in water resources, and fixing tiles and marble in many places, have been made but the situation is still static. 

Locals said, “No roadmaps have been laid for the debris management therefore, we dump debris anywhere where there is vacant land. It is being heard that the sub-metropolitan ran a cleaning g campaign, added cleaning workers, and bought a new debris-carrying vehicle, but no vehicle has come nor any information has been received.” 

Mayor Sah blamed the central Guthi Corporation for the lack of management of the waste products of Janakpurdham, saying that they have not provided land for garbage dumps. 

He said, “The Guthi Corporation has not provided land to the sub-metropolis, which is needed to dump garbage, therefore the problem of waste management is not solved. The sub-metropolis has corresponded to the Guthi for land provision but it has been more than a year and no progress in this regard has been observed. ” 

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