Sudurpashchim at high risk of Dengue


Mahendranagar (Kanchanpur), June 19: Dengue cases are going up in hilly districts of Sudurpashchim Province lately.     

A total of 140 cases of dengue have been detected in the Province since January this year with Doti district recording the highest cases at 47, according to Hemraj Joshi, Vector Control Officer at the Sudurpaschim Province Health Directorate.     

Achham reported 26 dengue cases, Kanchanpur 24, Bajura 15, Darchula 10, Kailali 9, Bajhang 4, Dadheldhura 3 and Baitadi 2. "There is a high risk of outbreak and spread of dengue infection in the Terai region with rainfall," he cautioned.     

Due to extreme heat, mosquitoes are dying in many places in the Terai at present, and as the rainfall starts and it gets a little cold, the risks of dengue infection will increase in Terai as well, he warned.     

With the prevalence of mosquitoes in the hilly areas, cases of mosquito-borne disease are being reported along with malaria from these places lately, said Joshi.     

He shared that medicines, treatment kits, healthcare providers and healthcare facilities are in place for dengue prevention and control.     

Separate wards and beds have been managed for dengue patients in the public healthcare facilities, according to him.     

Local levels are identifying the areas having Larva and implementing the 'Larva search and destroy' campaign as a preventive measure.     

The statistics showed that altogether 1,194 cases of dengue were recorded in Sudurpashchim Province in 2023. (RSS)

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