Two children drown while swimming, community in sorrow


Photo: Jibchha Yadav/TRN

By Jibachha Yadav, Lahan, June 20: The whole community of Balansher, Lahan municipality-17, is in sorrow with the loss of two children to drowning.

Ritik Chaudhary, an L.K.G student of Himalayan Boarding School, and an eight-year-old school-goer in the community school of Balanher, Abinash Sadaya, died due to drowning. 

Seven-year-old Ritik Chaudhary and eight-year-old Abinash Sadaya had gone swimming around noon on Tuesday in the nearby Balan stream without the knowledge of anyone in their house. They unfortunately got drowned while swimming.  There is a Musahar, Tharu and Pahade Dalit settlement on the riverbank of the Balan stream. 

The mother of Abinash Sadaya, Kabita Sadaya, had gone to do construction wage work in the market area of Lahan, while Ritik Chaudhary's mother was busy with household chores.

A large pond was formed because of a flood just a day before where the children died. 

Even though the police team had reached the accident spot after learning about the drowning of the children, they also could not rescue the boys by diving into the 20-meter-deep water. Uncle of Abinash Sadaya went into the deep water and found the deceased bodies of two boys. 

The Father of Abinash Sahaya, Lagan Sahaya, died two years ago while the father of Ritik Chaudhary is in foreign employment. A local, Mukti Chaudhary, said that the death of both children has sent a shock wave to the local community. 

Ward Chair of Lahan-17 Pratham Lal Chaudhary said that the unfortunate incident could have been avoided if the Disaster Risk Management Committee of Lahan Municipality had generated public awareness of the risk of flood and landslide. Therefore, the committee needs to be vigilant in the issue from now onwards to avoid future casualties. 

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