NA session: Lawmakers voice against mandatory provision of National ID


Kathmandu, June 23: In a meeting of the National Assembly (NA) today, the upper house members decried the government's decision to make the submission of the National ID card mandatory to receive social security allowance.     

"This is to cause a significant incontinence to the citizens," they said.     

Airing their views in a special hour of the NA today, Jit Jung Basnet said the decision to make the submission of the National ID Card in place of the citizenship to receive the old-age allowance is going to a significant discomfort for the beneficiaries.     

Bhuwan Bahadur Sunuwar demanded a prompt correction in the decision, describing it a 'tardy' one.     

Tulasa Dahal is among those lawmakers airing her concern over the government's preparations for making the National ID mandatory.     

The lawmakers also expressed their serious concerns over the alleged rape of a girl in a Chhaugoth (a menstrual hut) in Achham.     

Dahal and Gopi Bahadur Achhami among other demanded the government ensure an intensive investigation against the alleged rape of an adolescent in Chhaugoth. Dahal called for increasing civic awareness for the elimination of the practice of Chhaugoth. Madan Kumari Shah also decried the incident.     

Achhami also urged the government to address the 11-point demands put forth by the Federal Parliament staff.     

Bamdev Gautam called for nationalizing the entire land to increase productivity.     

He also stressed the timely allocation of relief and compensation to the survivors of monsoon disasters.     

Kiran Bahadur Shrestha proposed to change an existing electoral system to have a stable government.     

Bishnu Kumari Sapkota said the load of foreign debt has hindered the prosperity of the country, calling for exploring job opportunities within the country. (RSS)

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