Rishi Raj Acharya comes up with new film ‘Draupadi’


By A Staff Reporter,Kathmandu, June 25: Director Rishi Raj Acharya recently completed shooting the entire film ‘Draupadi’ at Shey Phoksundo Lake in Karnali Province.

 The shooting journey began in Dunai, Dolpa, and concluded at Phoksundo. 

Acharya claims ‘Draupadi’ is an original Nepali film, featuring artists such as Ashwini Sahi, Sujata Timalsina, Ravi Ode, Jelson Adhikari, Kabi Raj Bham, Sita Boudel, Subash Thadarai, Prakash Gyawali and Suraj Adhikari. 

Mohan Kumar Jhillu is the cinematographer of the film while  Ravi Oad has directed its music. Acharya said that ‘Draupadi’ is a story he has been crafting for four years. 

He spent two months in Humla, Dolpa and Mustang researching the subject for the film. The movie was shot for 44 days and is currently in post-production, said Acharya.

Previously, Acharya made the original film ‘Suntali Lai Bhagai Lagyo Jhilkele,’ based on the ‘Jari’ tradition and which was shot in the remote village of Okhaldhunga.

 During the COVID-19 pandemic, he made ‘Churifuri,’ a film about the tendency of Nepali youth to be deceived in foreign employment. 

Acharya has also made films like ‘Mistake,’ ‘Sapna Timro Mero,’ and ‘Dream Girl.’

He said that he chose to make ‘Draupadi’ at this time because he thinks that the original aspects of village life, culture, and structures are gradually disappearing, and it will be difficult to get the same touch of village life later. 

He believes that future Nepali films should focus on the international market by incorporating original themes.Director Acharya is also a member of the Film Censor Board under the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology. 

He noted that nationalism is becoming increasingly important to Nepalis, encompassing language, culture, tradition and food. 

He believes films promoting nationalism will attract many viewers, as there is no reason Nepalis wouldn't appreciate such films.

Director Acharya plans to take the film ‘Draupadi’ to various national and international film festivals.

The film release date will be finalised shortly after discussions with Nepali and international film distributors, said Acharya.

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