International Maithili Film Festival underway


Janakpur, June 25:   The International Maithili Film Festival has started from today in Janakpurdham.     

Inaugurating the festival, Chief Minister of Madhes Satish Kumar Singh expressed his belief that the festival will contribute to the development of Maithili language, literature and culture.     

On the occasion, Senior actor Neer Shah expressed the view that Maithili language international film festival will strengthen unity among diversity as well as strengthen national unity.     

Speaking at the event, speakers including Janakpurdham sub-metropolitan deputy mayor Kishori Sah, singer Sunil Mallik, campaigner Bibha Jha and others said that Maithili language international film festival will help in the preservation of language, culture and art.     

 Famous artists, writers, singers and directors of the Mithilanchal region are participating in the festival. The two-day festival' has been organized for the first time since the implementation of federalism.     

Apart from screening films and documentaries during the Film Festival the production and business of Maithili cinema in the contemporary scenario will be discussed, according to the organizers. (RSS)

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