I want ordinary man as hero in my film: Dr. Rijal


Kathmandu, Feb. 4: Dr. Kapil Rijal is a dentist by profession. Son of a senior gynecologist and poet Dr. Bhola Rijal, Kapil has been working in the UK for more than three decades. But he is not confined to his medical profession.  He is also a film producer and director. 

He is the director and writer of Harry Ki Pyari, which was released across the country on Friday. 

Jitu Nepal and Samragyee R L Shah have done the lead roles in the film. 

'Harry Ki Pyari' is his debut feature film as a writer and director, he has previously produced short films and music videos.

 ‘Karma’ and ‘Gilt’ were his short films. 

'Harry Ki Pyari' narrates the ups and downs the main characters from two different backgrounds and geographies undergo while in love,  said Rijal. 

Asked why he chose Jitu and Samragyee for the lead roles, he said , “I needed somebody who is completely different. I didn’t want to a hero to become a hero. I want an ordinary person to become a hero because in real life a heroism occurs because of one’s heroic works. “You don’t need physical fitness and good looks to 

become a hero.  

I want to show a character which is completely different from heroine. I needed somebody who can justify the character, and Jitu is one of the finest actors in Nepal who has done many comedies for the last 27 years. He fits for a serious character.” 

Regarding the lead actress, Dr. Rijal said, “Samragyee is always my first choice for this film. I want someone who possess the personality to be rich, famous, and stubborn. And I want to show the changes of character at the end and for this role Samragyee is perfect.”

Sharing his experience of making short films and feature film, he said although there is no technical difficulty in making a short film, the budget of a short film is low, so there is a shortage of manpower, hence, the filmmaker himself has to do a lot of works.

 On the other hand, it takes a long time to make a feature film, but it has many departments and if all the departments work properly, the making of a feature film flows smoothly,  he added. 

He also said that he was in Nepal to establish his Banner BR Productions.  “I will continue making films, not only 'Harry ki Pyari'. We are also planning another film and I will direct that film as well. Filmmaking is my new profession and now I want to be known as a film director.”

Dr. Bhola Rijal and his  wife  Sarala Rijal  have also played in the film.  Sarala Riajal played the role of Samragyee’s grandmother in the film. 

Bijay Baral, Laxmi Giri, Subash Gajurel, and Ranjana Bhattarai have also done the film. 

Along with Dr. Rijal, Sudip Baral, Giriraj Ghimire, Abhimanyu Nirabi have written the film while Sudip Baral directed the cinematography of  the film. 

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