Memorandum submitted to preserve Newa culture


By A Staff Reporter,Hetauda, Apr. 24: The Rastriya Mukti Morcha Nepal submitted a memorandum with 17 demands and suggestions to the Bagmati Province government. 

The memorandum was presented to Bagmati’s Chief Minister Shalikram Jamkattel in Hetauda on Sunday.

 Their demands included the establishment of a Newar Academy and a Maha Bidhyalaya or a college dedicated to preserving and advancing Newar traditional knowledge, skills, handicrafts, language, art, and literary culture.

President Dilip Maharjan and General Secretary Devendra Shrestha of the Newa Mukti Morcha handed over the memorandum to Chief Minister Jamkattel. 

They recommended the creation of a ‘Chief Minister Newa: Heritage, Language, and Culture Preservation Fund’ to safeguard endangered aspects of Newar culture. 

They stressed the importance of infrastructure development in Newar settlements, including the reconstruction of cultural sites like the houses of identity, pati pauwas, monasteries, chaityas, Bihars and squares.

With the Language Act of 2080 BS in the pipeline for implementation, Chief Minister Jamkattel pledged to establish an expert group as per the Act's provisions.

 He also expressed his commitment to promptly enact legislation for the protection of art and culture. 

Assuring the Morcha, he vowed to pass the Act to safeguard art and culture in Bagmati Province by mid-July to mid-September (Nepali months Sawan to Bhadau).

 Additionally, preparations are underway to announce the implementation of the Language Act starting May 6.

Minister for Culture, Tourism, and Cooperatives Shailendra Man Bajracharya echoed the call for collective efforts to preserve language, art and culture.

 He emphasised the importance of safeguarding the diverse scripts, languages, cultures, and traditions within the community.

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