RSP submits 26-point suggestion to Health Minister


Kathmandu, March 28: The Health Department of the Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) has submitted a 26-point suggestion letter to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health and Population, Upendra Yadav, at the Ministry in Kathmandu today.     

The suggestions are for the improvement of the health sector. A team led by Dr Toshima Karki, member of the House of Representatives and head of the health department of the Party submitted the charter of suggestions to the Minister.     

The recommendations include, among others, the need to make emergency healthcare services the full responsibility of the State, to make the health insurance programme a high priority and make it strong, easy and transparent, to review treatment and healthcare fees, to ensure the management of medical and health human resources, and to create necessary posts as soon as possible.     

Similarly, the RSP has suggested that in order to understand the condition of the equipment purchased in hospitals and health institutions, the monitoring and regulation of healthcare providers should be intensified in a coordinated framework by making the regulatory bodies of the health sector more active, and in the long term, all regulatory bodies should form a 'Healthcare Regulatory Council'.     

Presenting the suggestions, Dr Karki said, “We have a team of experts working in the health sector. We have done our homework on health issues. We are ready to cooperate and collaborate.”     

While receiving the recommendation letter, Health Minister Yadav mentioned that there is a need for many reforms in the health sector. "The main thing is that common citizens should get quality and affordable health services in hospitals. There is a need for equipment and manpower," Health Minister Yadav said and expressed his commitment to follow the suggestions given, and ask for help when needed.(RSS)

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